Team PC Fix


You’re on this page because you wanna know more about me. Anyway, my name is Felix Isola Albutra Jr. I am the owner of PC Fix Technologies Molave which is located at Abad Santos St. Molave, Zamboanga del Sur.

I started my computer technician career since 2007 when I was an internet cafe attendant. I would like you to know that I don’t have prior IT background when during those days. So this means, it breaks the myth that if you want to become a computer technician, you must to be an I.T. Graduate.

Will you believe me that all of my team members or co-technicians also don’t have prior experiences in troubleshooting computers. Which means, that I personally taught them the fundamentals and build their skills up along the way.


Why You Should Listen to Me?


As you can see, I have the capability of teaching other people even if they don’t have prior experience on how to fix computer hardware problems. And because of this, I am also confident to teach you the fundamentals for as long as you have the willingness to learn

Not only that, I can also guide you how to become a professional computer technician and make this a career until you can setup your own computer repair shop business. My question is that, “ARE YOU READY? DO YOU HAVE THE GUTS?” If your answer is YES, then give some extra time and efforts to COMMIT yourself to learn and you can start it here on this blog.

Disclaimers: All the information that I am going to share on this blog is my personal experiences. I may also share some of my failures and how I overcame those trials and stand again.

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