What is Backlink and Why They Are So Important!

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Every website needs traffic. That’s why we webmasters, bloggers and online entrepreneurs used to do a lot of marketing works for the purpose of gathering targeted people to visit our websites and eventually turn them into customers.

So, what really Backlink is? Well, backlink is a clickable text or hypertext pointing to a webpage. And the word or phrase of that hyperlink is called anchor text. A backlink is indeed the backbone of your website or online business. This is because; it will help your site to get rank higher in search engine result pages, especially in Google.

Why choose search engine traffic other than doing traffic generating techniques? This is simply because search engine traffic is far more targeted and of course it is absolutely free. And if ever that your website got the #1 spot in search engine result for a targeted keyword, you will gain much traffic plus you don’t need to do lots of marketing stuffs.

How to Build Backlinks?

Before you build backlinks to your website, you must know that Search Engines nowadays are looking for quality links and relevancy as few of the factors to help rank your page to the search results.

1. Link Building Speed.

Firstly, you must be concern about your Link Building Speed. The fact is that, Google really don’t notice if you’re doing fast track back linking routine unless you are building thousands of backlinks a day. For this, you should do it naturally.

2. IP Diversity.

The second factor is the IP Diversity. Google will also look where your link came from and sort if these links has quality or came from the same place. What I mean by this is that, Google will try to look if your backlinks came from different IP addresses.

3. Anchor Text.

Third is the anchor text. The text that becomes the link that gets clicked is called the anchor text. Anchor is really important in doing the link building process. Because this will determine what keyword term you really are promoting to search engines.

Most of the time, you can use the same keyword phrase in promoting a keyword but doing varying keyword will make the keyword you promote looks natural and not spammy.

4. Page Rank.

The fact is that not each link is created equally that Google will measure the authority of the site where your backlink came from. When Google see that your backlink came from high page rank webpage, your website link will also get higher value.

So if you get backlinks from websites having the page of 3, 4, 5, and 6 or beyond that, Google will reward the webpage you promote to get a higher search rank in the keyword phrase you are using.

5. Link Relevancy.

On topic backlink is also one of the most important to bear in mind in building backlinks to your site. If you are promoting a keyword phrase called “acne cure” you must also build backlinks in some related sites that also talked about acne or talked about skin care or diseases.

In the other hand, not all niches have lots of relevant websites where you can build your backlinks. Because of this, you tend to build backlinks from off-topic websites which are I think is still okay. Why? It is because Google will think that you are not doing it naturally and not the link farming way.

The Truth about Link Building.

The fact is that patience is the key to getting successful in building backlinks. It may seem sounds easy to do, but it will need more time and effort in doing it.

What I mean is that there are many ways to build backlinks. There is Blog Commenting, Forum Signature, Article Submission, Guest Post and etc. The problem with this technique like doing blog commenting and forum marketing is that you need to devote more time in finding relevant and do follow websites.

And in the part of doing the article submission process and guest post, you need have many unique articles to be submitted to these websites in order your article get published and earn backlink.

Two Best Solutions.

There two ways to make this link building process easy for you and gain more time to work for other projects you have in mind.

1. Outsource.

The first one is to outsource backlinks. Outsourcing is one of the best techniques for you to have more time for your other business and your family. Shall we say, this is really the so called dot com life style.

The problem with outsourcing is that you need to manage your workers to make sure that they are doing it right. Also, you need to train them according to what you want to achieve. The worst case is that, if you hire a wrong person, you will lose lots of money from your pocket.

2. Buy Backlinks.

This option is I think one of the best options. Why? It is because the company or individual who is offering this service really know what he is doing. Most of the time, they will give you an option package for you to choose from. The number of backlinks you want and where these backlinks came from.

If your problem is the place where you will buy these backlinks, your problem is now solve because I just found a legitimate marketplace where they offer high quality backlinks that your website deserves to have.

This marketplace is called SEO Clerks. This website is a place for buy and selling backlinks. Now, if you know how to backlinks, you can advertise your service here and earn a lot of money. I think that this site works like Fiverr. I am pretty sure you know Fiverr.

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