How to Sell Your Products in LazadaPH Marketplace!

If you have a business, I assume that your first concern is how you can sell your products to many customers as possible. The thing is that one of the challenges that business owners are having is the marketing of their products or services. That’s why investing into various advertising platforms like online marketing is the next obvious move to do for the purpose of widening the reach of your store’s or products’ existence.

But have you ever thought that there would be a company or a store platform that will market and handle orders of your products to millions of audiences online? Well, with the use of high-technology systems nowadays, this amazing marketing media is now within your reach.

I want to introduce to you the LazadaPH. In my previous blog post, I shared an information on how to make money online with LazadaPH as an affiliate. Now, what I am going to share to you is how to make more profit out from your existing business by selling your products to the LazadaPH Marketplace. Sounds cool right? Well, who is this Lazada anyway? I know you have lots of questions and doubts at the back of your mind. So let’s get started!

Why Lazada?

Lazada is a huge company that they also have their business open in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and of course in the Philippines. According to LazadaPH’s website, the online store has over 8.7 million of unique visitors per month. Having more than 2.3 million fans and counting on Facebook since October 2014.

The company’s Mobile e-Commerce application has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times with an excellent operations of 95% of orders shipped within 48 hours in our country alone. Wow! What a stat! Are you now convince why you should sell your products in the Lazada marketplace?

How LazadaPH Marketplace Works?

You now have the convincing statistics why your products should be on the marketplace. The next big question is that how this Lazada Marketplace really works? Below is the list of exact step by step stages on how the marketplace works for sellers.


When a customer buy a product from the LazadaPH Marketplace, a system will verify the order and provide your seller’s tracking order to the customer. Now, you as the seller, you pick and pack the orders within 24 hours.

During the delivery of the order, a 3rd party courier (LBC and LEX) ships the item from your warehouse to the cutomers. The good thing is that, if ever there will be some complaints, issues or returns Lazada will do the Customer care or support. Just that simple, no hassle at all!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the requirements to start selling on Lazada Philippines?

You need to have a registered business to sell on Lazada.

2. What are the costs for selling on Lazada Philippines?

Listing your products is free; there are no fixed costs charged. Only when you start selling you will pay a commission (standardized by category), applied on the price you choose.

3. What and how many products can I sell on Lazada?

The minimum listing is 5 products. There is no limit. You can list as many products as you have on ready stock.

3. Which delivery partner ships my products, and who pays for it?

Lazada will create a LBCand LEX subaccount for you and charge you a standard rate for delivery. Additionally, we can also work with your Own Fleet if it is trackable.

4. When will I get my money?

You get paid every 14 days for the orders that are delivered.

5. How long does it take to process my application as a new seller?

Signing up takes only a few minutes: after completion you can start uploading your products. The total approval process takes 7-10 working days, after which you are set to go.

Supersize Your Business with FBL

Lazada has developed one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in Asia. Over 4500 specialist, more than 40 state-of-the-art hubs and fulfillment centers and a delivery fleet, ready to bring your products to over 550 million Customers everywhere in Southeast Asia.

Now it’s time for you take full advantage and to boost your sales with Fulfillment by Lazada or FBL. You can focus on marketing and growing your business while FBL takes care of the fulfillment of your orders from A to Z.


Fulfillment by Lazada


Fulfillment by Lazada


Fulfillment by Lazada


Fulfillment by Lazada

Watch the Videos Below to Learn More About FBL.


If you have more questions, just share it in the comment below. I do hope that you’ve learn something from this blog post.


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