How to Make Money Online With Lazada Philippines

There were many people asking me on Facebook how they can also make money online. And for this blog post, I am going to share to you one of the most legitimate ways to earn some cash using your computer and the internet – this is called Affiliate Marketing. The concept of this opportunity is very easy to understand. All you have to do is sell other people’s or company’s products online in exchange for a percentage of commission.

In our case, you need to join the Lazada Philippines affiliate program which is free to register. But there is a requirement, and that is you need to have a blog or website where you can drive traffic and post your Lazada Affiliate banners and ads. (Read the whole blog post, I have a tip for you where your application for an affiliate account will be approved even without a blog or website. Sounds good? Go!)

Lazada PH Affiliate Program

Lazada PH Affiliate Benefits:

Lazada Affiliate Program allows website owners and bloggers to monetize their traffic by integrating banner ads and text links that link to Lazada on their site. With every purchase made through that link, the website owner can generate as much as 8% commission. The validity of the commission is dependent on the last-click basis of the shopper.

  • Sign-up: free to join!
  • Commission: category-based commission structure of 5% for electronics, 8% for non-electronics, and 10 for fashion.
  • Vouchers: exclusive voucher codes available.
  • Creatives: we offer a wide range of banners, an automatically updated product feed and
    a range of coupon codes and special promotions.
  • Individual solutions: we are happy to design custom creatives and newsletter templates on request.
  • Support: quick and personal support from the LAZADA Affiliate Team

The Lazada Affiliate Program is an easy way to generate extra income that complements the target market and positioning of blogs and websites. It’s free and easy to join Lazada Affiliate Program. The category-based commission structure allows top performing affiliates to earn more from their traffic.

A wide variety of banners and creative materials are available for affiliates to choose from and integrate into their site. Individual solutions are even available for affiliates with specific needs

Lazada Affiliate Commission

How do I earn money?

Each purchase that comes from your website or blog traffic gives you a sales commission.

Each LAZADA purchase is checked for fraud, cancelations, and invalid purchases for your convenience. Validation occurs within 30 days of the purchase.

How do I get paid?

After LAZADA has validated the sale, the commission is paid to the affiliate within 30 days via bank transfer.

Affiliates can enjoy category-based commission with rates up to 10% for Fashion category. Other non-electronic categories such as Home & Living, Home Appliances, Health & Beauty, Travel & Luggage, Sports & Outdoors, Media, Games & Music, and Toys, Kids & Babies will earn 8% commission.

Five percent (5%) commission will be given to Electronic categories like Mobiles & Tablets, Computers & Laptops, Cameras, and Consumer Electronics. Whatever the number of transactions, affiliates will get 5-10% commission depending on which category the sold items belong.

Lazada gives special commission rates to reward best-performing affiliates. Lazada also has a generous cookie shelf-life of 30 days, which works on a last-click basis.

The Lazada Affiliate Team is more than happy to help each website optimize and direct their traffic and help each website earn better commissions. Sales validation occurs within 30 days of order to check against fraud and canceled purchases.

Tip: How to Apply Without a Website?

Assuming that you already have the basic understanding on how you can make money online through affiliate marketing with Lazada, I will now share to you how my application got approved without submitting a blog or website URL upon the affiliate application. The quick answer to that is Facebook Fanpage.

Yes! You read it right. What I did was I create a Lazada Deal and Promo Facebook Page and drive likes towards it. I think the reason why my affiliate application got approved was that Facebook fanpage and a blog have one thing in common, and that is driving traffic into the page. As long as there are people who visit the page, there will be more chances to make sales from your affiliate offers or products.

Initially, before you apply for the Ladaza PH affiliate program, you need to create the Facebook page I’ve shared to you above. Make it professionally looking, fill out all of the necessary information, have a good timeline cover and page profile picture. Then finally, get the Facebook fanpage URL and submit it upon application.

What’s Next?

Done filling out the boxes of the affiliate application form? The next thing you will do is just to wait. And while waiting, continue gathering more likes into your Fanpage and post relevant images so that your page looks active and engaging.

Subscribe into this blog and watch out for the next blog post on how to promote Lazada products using your affiliate link. I will publish the next post here. (No link yet. Lol!) I hope that this blog post has become beneficial to you and if you have some questions or if I missed something, please share it in the comment box below.

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