How I Earned More Than $1000 in Fiverr?

Make Money Online with Fiverr

Working from home is one of the best experience that every person could have. This gives them the chance to be with their family always while earning a good source of income. But without enough information, you can never achieve this dream of making money online.

Inside this post, I am going to share to you my experiences of earning money online from one of the best online jobs marketplace on the internet. This virtual space is called Fiverr.

Assuming that you already have the skills of a freelance online worker. But in case that you don’t know those necessary skills needed, you can visit this page. So let’s get started!

Fiverr is a the world’s largest marketplace for services, starting at $5. The company gives every aspiring freelancers the opportunity to advertise or expand their services which is called Gigs. In every Gig sold, Fiverr will get 20% of that $5 earnings – which means they will get $1 in every $5 you’ve made. Pretty good huh. Unlike any other websites, fiverr don’t ask you a monthly recurring subscription fee. Plus your client has the ability give their honest review about the service or gig you sold to them and it is not editable to both parties.

(Below is the screenshot of my Fiverr earnings in case you don’t believe from my claim. Lol!) ๐Ÿ™‚

My Fiverr Earnings

I hope that you are now convince that I really earned that figure stated above, so let’s continue. To start making money with Fiverr, you need to have to register an account. Visit and click the JOIN green button in the upper part of the website’s page. After you clicked the button, a popup will appear which gives you an option to register through email or using your existing Facebook account. If you choose Facebook, (which I prefer) you need to login into your facebook account first, before clicking the “JOIN USING FACEBOOK” button.

Ideas On What To Sell.

I think this is the most critical part in making money online in fiverr that many people failed to give more time to think of what to sell. To start with, you need to think these things; your Passion, Solution that You Can Provide and the Trends.

Let’s start with selling gigs out from your passion. Focus on your current skills that might be useful to other people. It can be teaching guitar lessons, piano lessons, singing lessons and the likes. While for the Solution of other people’s problem, it could be Driving Traffic to their website, Product Creation, SEO Link Building, Article Writing, Website Creation and the likes.

And for the Trends, you can offer Gigs that is appropriate for the season. Let’s say for example, if this month is December, people love to know other people’s ideas about Christmas gifts, Christmas Decoration Ideas, Christmas Carols and the likes. Do you get it now?

Tip: You must do this first before creating an account on Fiverr. This will give you the idea on what “username” you will be using as this has a huge impact to make your Gig more visible to Fiverr search engine as well as Google and Bing.

Creating Fiverr Gig.

Creating your first Fiverr Gig is very simple. If you’ve register an account for the first time, chances are Fiverr will prompt you to create your first Gig. They will give you the instructions and all you have to do is follow the instructions. But prior to that, don’t forget the tip I gave you above.

There are plenty of video tutorials over YouTube and I found the video below as one of the most cool video on how to create your first gig inside Fiverr. Let’s get rockin’.

The video above is brought to you by Sue Tanya. Check her Gig out!

Getting Sales.

If you noticed, there are lots of competitions out there and you need to dominate them in order for your Gig become visible to many buyers and obviously make more sales. To do that, you need to apply various techniques and see what works best for you. So below are some of those techniques that might help you out:

1. Put Video in Your Gig. Video is one of the best way to communicate to your buyers. And if they see your Gig Video for the first time, they most likely buy your gig as you already built the connection by making yourself appear in the video.
2. Use Nice Image on Your Gig. Humans love to see beautiful images. And most of the time, buyers tend to buy Gig with eye-catching images. Of course, make sure that your Gig Header Image best describe what you are selling.
3. Make Your Username Search Engine Friendly. This is not necessary but I found this technique works in various gigs inside fiverr. To do this, you need to think a username which is near to your keyword. Say like for example, if you offer Link Building, you might want to use “linkbuildr” as your username. I hope you get the idea.
4. Use Catchy Gig Title. The Gig title serves as the main description of your Gig. Make sure that this compelling, concise and attention grabber.
5. Send an Offer to Buyer’s Request. In the previous Fiverr design, you can see the “Buyers Request” in the right side of the homepage just below the categories. But now, we can find those buyer request by following this link: ttp:// Use that function to reach those buyers that didn’t found your gig yet or create a Gig that your prospects are suggesting.

6. Ask for Positive Feedback of Your Previous Clients. If someone already made an order to your Gig before, make sure to give the best quality of your Gig that he/she can’t resist if you ask him/her the best positive comment that will benefit your Gig Visibility and of course make more sales.
7. Look at Gigs that Performs Well. If you visit the website’s homepage, you can see many Top Selling Gigs. Why not follow their footprints and get a slice of their earnings.
8. Broadcast Your Gig in Social Network Sites. I noticed that Fiverr Gigs are now being indexed by various Search Engines especially Google. Social signals are one of the powerful ways to build your authority as a service provider on the internet.

Syndicated Tricks: Some sellers ask other people to buy their Gigs and leave positive comments and also Save their Gig by clicking the Red Heart button located just below their Gig title.

Try to do the techniques above and see what works for you best. And if I missed something, please contact me or just share it in the comment below. I would love to build connections with you and it’s my pleasure to help you out as I consider your success as my success also as an internet marketer.

Getting Paid.

When the order had been completed, you need to wait for 14 days as clearing period. After that, you will have the ability to withdraw your funds to your Paypal Account or Fiverr Revenue Card. To remind you, Fiverr will get $1 for every $5 sale you’ve made and another percentage when doing the transfer from your Fiverr to your Paypal. I highly suggest that you withdraw your earnings at least $100 per transaction.


To give you the idea of what are some of the top Gigs nowadays, I am going to share to you some of those services that might interest you to do the same or at least give you some ideas on a unique gig that you will sell in the near future:

  1. Personal Video Creation
  2. 3D Graphics Creation
  3. Radio Podcast Advertising
  4. Draw Romantic Caricature
  5. Professional Video Editing
  6. Singing A Special Song
  7. eCover Designs
  8. Brochure and Flyers Creation
  9. App iCon Designs
  10. Tweet Services
  11. Actionable SEO Audit/Report
  12. Develop Mobile App
  13. Website Review
  14. Facebook Marketing
  15. Proofreading
  16. Article Writing
  17. Voice-over
  18. Custom WordPress Theme Creation
  19. Website to Android App Conversion and so much more…

What I Do In Fiverr.

I know you are now curious of what are the services I offered inside Fiverr that made me over a thousand dollar. So here is the list:

  1. Complete WordPress Setup
  2. SEO Link Building
  3. Article Writing
  4. And Various Virtual Assistant Services

If you noticed, I focused on the services that I can give the solution to many internet marketers. And when I do the Gig, I did it with all my best with the quality in mind so that I will received good and positive feedbacks. Sometimes, I treat my client’s business as my own business as this gives me the mindset of giving my best and not just take my services for granted.

In The End…

If for some reasons, that I missed some important details above or have some suggestions and suggestions, please contact me or share it in the comment box below. Thank you very much for making it this far.

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