How I Earned More Than $500 in Facebook Alone?

How I Earned More $500 on Facebook

Note: The books that I hold above are the products that I promoted as affiliate.

There are many effective ways to make money online, and of those is called Affiliate Marketing. This make money online idea is very simple to understand but also have various types of approach to reach your target market. For many successful internet marketers, they mostly do affiliate through blogging and email marketing.

But in my case, I don’t rely on these facts as I know already where to find my target market. And that is on Facebook. Many people are indeed having fun socializing on Facebook. We use this huge social media network to connect with our friends (old and new), classmates, relatives and families all around the globe.

Truly, Facebook is really beneficial for us to stay connected – especially to the Filipinos. Sometimes, we used Facebook just to buy some time when we were bored. But do you know that we can earn money online just by using Facebook alone? Yes, you heard it right! I don’t know if you already heard about this.

The question is that, do you know how these things are done? Inside this post, I am going to share to you how will you earn money on Facebook using your leisure time or during your break time. Take note that this strategy is based from my own experience and the result of my case studies.

Generally, there are many ways to make money on Facebook namely, selling your own products, promoting your network marketing opportunity or affiliate marketing. Today, I want to share the affiliate marketing techniques that I did inside Facebook. So get ready to rock and roll to the world… Wooh! \m/

Find A Target Market.

Finding a targeted market because this will determine if this niche market is profitable or not. In finding a market, you must start at looking yourself. What I mean by this is that, list all the things that you have the passion to do.

After listing those things you love, list the things that you hate and the problems that you want to have the solutions. The things that you listed above are your needs and wants. I am pretty sure that other people also having the same needs and wants as yours.

Let’s get started with the things that you are passionate. Your passion might be a sports or a hobby.ย If you really love these doings, then surely you have a lot of experience and knowledge that you might want to share to other people right? And for that, this is a good profitable market that you might want to dive in.

As for those things that you are having the problem or the things that you hate, open your mind to find its solution. You can find it by research over the internet or ask the people who may have the same problem as your.

Once you already have the solution, people tend to ask you what did you do to solve those problems. And because of that, people will become curious and will give you the authority of becoming the solver of their long time problem. In the end, you will fill the needs of the people who are looking for solutions.

Marketing On Facebook.

Facebook is a HUGE DATABASE of like-minded people. Find this people and connect with them by joining their group, like their fanpage and start building rapport through conversation. DON’T SPAM!

List those Facebook Group and Fanpage as possible and make friends with other members of the group or page. Of course, add them into your friend’s list.

What you need to do is share what you know, the tips that you can share to them or the initial solution of their problem. Be transparent as possible and don’t fight with other people who contradict your ideals. Although you have the same passion, it doesn’t mean that you have the same principle.

If you meet these kind of people, just feed their ego and accept the new information that you might not have learned yet in your research and experience from them. Remember to always make friends with them virtually and add them to your friend’s list.

Once you joined the group and page, become an active member to build rapport to other members. Answering question is a good technique to become an authority on that group or page. If you can’t find those questions, you can just post a motivational quotes with images to its timeline. People love images. So make sure that you to pick images that is good for the eyes.

TIPS: Promote your product or opportunity during the time that your target market are mostly online in Facebook. Like during break time or after work. They mostly open their Facebook during those time.

Products to Sell

Since you are now an affiliate marketer, we will now find the products that you will be selling to your prospects. This product must be the solution of your prospect’s needs. If you are in the basketball niche market, you can either sell basketball course, basketball uniforms or paraphernalia.

You can find these products to promote to some marketplaces. For digital products like ebooks, ecourse and graphics, you can visit and its alternatives. And if you want to sell physical products, you can find this over eBay, Amazon, eCommerce Sites that offer affiliate programs.


Learning my own process doesn’t guarantee that we will be having the same results. Of course, the level of your knowledge and experience still matters. If you have some questions, don’t hesitate to comment below.ย I am hoping that this post is beneficial to you. I suggest that you SUBSCRIBE to my blog by filling your email address above. Thank you and have a great day.

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