Getting Started With SEO For Your Business!

Getting Started with SEOIf you own an online or local business, chances are your business tend to have a website to make it more accessible to your prospective leads or expand your market for a whole new sets of loyal customers.

But that doesn’t end there, as websites need to have lots of traffic to gather these new sets of leads everyday. And as a website owner, you need to understand that traffic is the life blood of your online campaign.

One of the best ways to gather these targeted prospects came from various sources but Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are what most people used to find information in the internet. Which means once your site rank to their search result, your website will gain a lot of targeted traffic.

If you are that serious in your business, making your site visible to the search result pages is mandatory. But the question is that, how are you going to do that? Reading the whole post will give you the idea how to market your business to popular search engines today. So let’s get started!

Keyword Research.

Keyword research is one of the procedures in doing SEO as this will determine whether or not a keyword term is worth to promote for. In this phase also, you will know the daily/monthly search volume of a certain keyword, know the page competition as well as the cost per click of the term.

This initial procedure is very crucial that you need to pick the best keyword or set of keywords carefully that will generate not only traffic but also profit to your site. There are two types of keywords that will give you the idea on how you are going to monetize your site. These keywords are called informational keywords and money words.

Information keywords are terms that people used to find plain information without the intention to buy anything from the web. While the “money words” (as I call it) is the opposite. It is a word or set of keywords that people used to find more information with the intention to buy products from the internet. The best example of a money word is finding a product review. Mastering keyword research will lead you in finding a profitable niche market. (And personally, this is the phase that I have more passion).

On-Page SEO.

To promote your business online or to search engines, first you need know how Search Engine works. After that, do the procedure of SEO or what we call Search Engine Optimization. One of the tasks of working this technique is by optimizing your website pages or posts to make it crawl-able to search engine bots or spiders and index it to Google and other search engines database. This idea is called On-Page SEO where the optimization happens within the site to make it more search engine friendly.

The second process of the idea is called Off-page SEO where the optimization takes place outside your website and obtain high quality inbound links or backlinks from relevant pages of the web. A link is a clickable word or phrase that is attached to other page of the web and the characters inside the words/phrase being used is called anchor text.

The anchor text (keyword) will tell search engine spiders what your page is all about and the whole link will serve as a recommendation from other resources in the internet that is very useful in ranking your webpage in search engine results. The higher the rankings, the higher amount of traffic your site gets depending on the search volume of the keywords you are trying to rank for.

Link Building

Off-Page SEO.

Off-Page SEO is basically the optimization procedure of pages outside your website. The main goal here is to build links or backlinks from other pages of the web this is mostly called link building or inbound link building. There are many ways to build or attract links to your site, some of these are the following:

  1. Profile Backlinks. – This can be from social media networks, forums, web 2.0 sites and many others.
  2. Article Directory and Press Release Backlinks. – You can obtain this kind of links by submitting articles to various article directories like Ezine Articles, Buzzle, Article Snare, Article Alley and many others. The same goes for submitting Press Releases to various press release submission sites.
  3. Blog Submission Links. – Submitting your blog to various blog blog directories will also give you good quality backlinks towards your site’s homepage. This is also a good way to find related blogs in your niche market.
  4. Guest Blogging. – As far as I know this technique is one of the best ways to build high quality inbound links. This is because you have much control in terms of relevancy. Another benefit from guest posting is driving additional source of traffic from the sites you submit your guest post.
  5. Bookmark Links. – You don’t want to build all your links towards the homepage of your website/blog right? And bookmarking each of your blog post is one of the ways to build backlinks to those pages. The good thing is that, this very easy and fast to do.
  6. Document Sharing Site Links. – Another way to build backlinks came from document sharing sites. All you have to do is submit pdf documents to websites like scribd, docstoc, slideshare and many others.
  7. Video Sharing Sites. – To be able to rank your website, you need to vary the types of backlinks to your pages. This way, Google and other search engines will not penalize your site. You can do this by just uploading videos and put a bold link or URL that points out to your pages or homepage.
  8. .Gov and .Edu Links. – This type of backlinks came from schools and government websites. And since Google give more value and authority to these websites, this can be a good source of high quality backlinks that will absolutely help to rank your site. To obtain this, you can go to their “resource pages” and see if you can find some dead links of those pages and recommend your page to replace those broken links.
  9. Blog Comments. – This far one of the oldest way in doing link building and still works today. As long as you do it right and not spammy. This is also a good way to make new friends in your niche.

Those are just some of the few techniques or ways to gather backlinks towards your website. In case that you have some in mind, you can also share it in the comment section.

In The End.

Search Engine Optimization don’t just end in optimizing your site’s content or building backlinks. The other side of SEO is by doing it technically. What I mean by this is that, making your website load faster and setting up meta tags is also one of the factors to rank your site in Google.

You can obtain that by using good coding design. And if you are using WordPress other popular CMS today like Joomla and Drupal, doing this is very easy to through using free or premium plugins and extensions.

I hope that this post helps you in some ways in doing SEO and if you find that I missed something above, you can email me or interact with the community using the comment box below. Thank you and have a great day.



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