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Thesis Theme Tips: How Add Image in Your Blog Post!

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Adding images inside your blog post is really a good factor to make your readers have the idea of what is your post is all about. The images also serve as a flowering decoration to make your post not look so boring to read. On this post, I am

Private: How to Edit Your WordPress Blog’s Sidebar Widget When You Are Using Ultimate Blogging Theme or Thesis Theme!

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A blog is composed of various widgets having their own specific functions and features. The content widget is where your article is place, your header widget where your blog’s header and logo will appear, the footer widgets contains any html content and the last widget is the sidebar widget

WPresponder: A Great WP Autoresponder and Newsletter Plugin for All WordPress Bloggers. Hey, It’s FREE!

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It is said that having an email list will lead you to online success. Yet, many internet marketers claimed that the “money is on the list”. Well… that is quite true but some marketers also says that the money is in the “relationship you’ve built in your list” that