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Google Algorithm Update 2015: Mobilegeddon

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On April 21, 2015 a new Google Algorithm update rolled out. Many website owners, webmasters and SEO practitioners were almost in panic on what this new update all about. This latest update is called “Mobilegeddon” in which according to Google itself, it is a global mobile-friendly update. This latest

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO

If you own an online or local business, chances are your business tend to have a website to make it more accessible to your prospective leads or expand your market for a whole new sets of loyal customers. But that doesn’t end there, as websites need to have lots

What I Did to Acquire Page Rank 2 in Three Days?

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Note: This blog post was imported from my previous blog called Blogging Access. I guess, many internet marketers, SEO’s and bloggers knew how easy to rank websites in Google way back 2010. This was maybe for various reasons, but I will not talk about that on this blog post.

SEO InfoGraphics: How Google Works!

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Image Credit: Digital Buzz Blog Google made so many changes on their algorithm just to ensure that only useful pages will appear on their search engine result pages. For this year, there will be another minor to major changes that many websites will be affected. To give us a