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How Blogging Changed My Life 360 Degrees! My Real Story.

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I will start my story way back 2007 how I got the job as an internet cafe attendant without any IT degree or knowledge that would serve as my asset to apply for such job position. Looking those days, when I was still driving trisikad (public transportation tricyle) for

The Top 5 Tips for Ultimate Guest Posting

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Guest posting is widely regarded as one of the best ways to get your name as a blogger out there and expand your own blog’s readership, especially if you are able to guest post on a popular blog that has a solid, large readership base. However before you start

What I Did to Acquire Page Rank 2 in Three Days?

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Note: This blog post was imported from my previous blog called Blogging Access. I guess, many internet marketers, SEO’s and bloggers knew how easy to rank websites in Google way back 2010. This was maybe for various reasons, but I will not talk about that on this blog post.

Getting Started: Blogging Using Blogger Platform!

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Blogging is one of the technical skills that serves as a barrier for those people who are new to use the internet to market their products, services or opportunities. But if you get this barrier over, you will become an unstoppable internet marketer as I always consider blogging as the

Blogging: The Door to My Internet Marketing Journey!

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I consider blogging as the CORE of Internet Marketing. Why? This is because, I learned lots of technical skills around blogging – namely: image editing, video editing, article writing, coding, marketing and a lot to learn. Blogging can also be a good start to build your personal brand in

Getting Started Series: Where You Do Blogging?

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Hello folks and welcome to the second part of the Getting Started Series. On this post, I am going to share to you where you do your blogging journey or more specifically, where you build your blog. Assuming that you never heard what is a blog or blogging is

Getting Started Series: 4 Facts Why You Should Do Blogging?

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In my facebook account, I got a good amount of friends in which most of them are bloggers and few knew what blogging is all about but they haven’t do blogging at all because they don’t have the idea how to get started. This post is dedicated to those