How Blogging Changed My Life 360 Degrees! My Real Story.

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I will start my story way back 2007 how I got the job as an internet cafe attendant without any IT degree or knowledge that would serve as my asset to apply for such job position.

Looking those days, when I was still driving trisikad (public transportation tricyle) for a living, I saw a piece of paper hanging around in a corner saying “WANTED INTERNET CAFE ATTENDANT”. When I saw it, I immediately told myself that job will be mine.

So, I go home and prepared myself and my bio-data paper. Then I look for the owner of the internet cafe that is about to open few days later. The owner asked me a lot of irrelevant IT questions that seems I honestly barely answered it because I don’t have any IT background. All I know that time is how to open the computer properly, shut it down properly, a little bit knowledge of using Microsoft Word and play Counter – Strike.

The owner asked me, “can you do this, can you do that?” questions and all I said was “YES!” even if I can’t hahaha… But I do have this firing determination that I will learn the fight when I am in front of the battle. And YES! I obviously got the job.

Moving forward, most of my time gone through reading IT related blogs on how to reformat a computer, fix some issues on a computer, learn how to use Photoshop. I have lots of computer science customers that studying html coding. So I took the chance to also read about it and learn at least the basics and I did. Then I found out that I can also make money playing online games and I did make some money from it but it took me a while playing that games to earn more or less $100 or 4500 Philippine Peso when I decided to sell my account.

Felix Albutra - How Blogging Changed My Life 360 Degrees!

Hey! Are you still with me? Lol! Okay let’s move forward. I have nothing left and I don’t want to play that online game again because it’s too tiring and time-consuming. Then a bright light in my mind lights up that tells me if I can make money online. So what I did was asked daddy G – the everybody’s friend GOOGLE. This was in December of 2008.

A huge amount of information surprised and excites me and one of those information is called BLOGGING. After reading some information about make money blogging for a couple of weeks, I decided to start my own blog on January 04, 2009. I can’t forget this date. Actually, I said to myself, “today I will make history for myself” and I will always remember this date and tell everyone!

When I first got into blogging, one huge rock challenged me. I am not that good at writing English articles, but it didn’t stop me. I can barely wrote 2-3 sentences in one paragraph and I don’t know what to write next to it. I don’t care if it’s a wrong grammar or what, all I have in mind is to push that rock to the cliff.

As I keep going, I learned the knowledge, the skills and the strength to push the rock. I honed my skills in graphics editing for some of my blog posts that needs good images that will represent my ideas, I learned how to code to make my blog look more professional and I learned how to market my blog to acquire more readers (traffic).

I did monetized my blog in many ways. Namely; blog space advertising, paid reviews, Google Adsense, joined blogging contests and affiliate marketing. It took me more or less 10 months before I made my first affiliate commissions of $33 a month for six months.

My next challenge now is how am I able to cashout my Paypal money into cold-hard cash into my hands? But an idea popped into my mind again that I will just buy online game items using my Paypal balance and sell it to online gamers.

More than one year later – that was May of 2010 to be exact. One person approached me asking if I am interested to sell my blog. Honestly, before that guy came in I already have it in mind that I will sell it for $100 so I can start my own self-hosted WordPress blog. But I made the guy named his price and to my surprise, he asked me to sell it for $700.

Yeheey! Moving forward, the transaction was done successfully and he asked me again if I will be able to update the blog and he will pay me $150 monthly and I absolutely said a huge YES! And that was my first encounter to the so-called online job as freelance blogger.

I started my freelance career since June of 2010 and that first client is still my client today – year 2016 because he likes my passion of what I do. He gave me a lot of jobs and learned a lot of things as time passed by. I landed other jobs and jumped one job sites to another to learn more skills and build my portfolio.

NZT Interactive

Today, I now owned and managed my own team called NZT Interactive. My team offered digital services namely;

  • Web Design and Development
  • SEO Link Building
  • Social Media Marketing and Management
  • Graphics Design

All the skills and knowledge that I acquired came when I discovered blogging. That’s why I called blogging might be the core of internet marketing in general.


I now don’t believe in the visayan slang called “linya-linya ra na” – that’s your line phrase. I learned that life is a CHOICE and the moment that you DECIDE what you want and what you want to become, the good vibration of the universe will align all the information and the skills for you until you reach your goal.

Oh, did I mentioned that I encountered a lot of hardships? Well, I did encounter a lot of huge rocks in front of me but one thing is for sure, my dream is a lot bigger than those rocks and it can’t stop me to keep going and reach my ultimate goal.

I am not there yet but I am thankful to God that He gave me the strength, He gave me my family that motivates me all the time to work hard and keep moving forward despite from the hindrances that we faced as long as I don’t loss sight of my dream. I just got started and I have lots of things to learn.

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