What I Did to Acquire Page Rank 2 in Three Days?

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Note: This blog post was imported from my previous blog called Blogging Access.

I guess, many internet marketers, SEO’s and bloggers knew how easy to rank websites in Google way back 2010. This was maybe for various reasons, but I will not talk about that on this blog post. What I am trying to share to you today is my shocking experience on how I got Google Page Rank 2 in just mere 3 days of working my initial SEO Link Building activities way back then. How cool was that?

So how I got this PR 2 thing? Below are some of the things that I did if I remember it correctly. Lol!

1. Post Valuable Yet Unique Content.

Google loves unique and valuable content and your visitors love it too. Now, if you are in the blogging/niche marketing industry, you should share great content for your readers as this will also build your credibility in your niche.

If ever that you don’t know about your niche topics to talk about because you tried to tap a niche market having less competition, using PLR contents is a good choice. But the problem is that, PLR products got many users where the fact that the content may not be unique anymore.

For that reason, you should edit its content in your own words since you already got the rights on the article to alter it and claim it your own and put your name as the author.

2. Blog Commenting.

Blog commenting is another way to spread your words about your blog and yourself. This is also great way to build credibility in your niche if you share great ideas from your comments.

The good thing is that, blog commenting also is a great way to build backlinks towards your blog. But don’t use commenting technique just to build links because it will also look like a little spammy for the owner of the blog you commented.

Be sure you share useful and helpful comments so that, other people will also recognized you as a guru in your small niche market or even in the saturated market. Oh, before I forgot. Don’t mind if the blog you commented on is not a dofollow blog. This way google will see that you are building backlinks naturally as you are not farming backlinks from those dofollow sites only.

3. Forum Posting.

Forum posting is another great way to build credibility yet also a great technique to make your site gain authority in your niche. If you are on this forum posting, you maybe already knew that most forum enabled users to put signature on their profile. And this signature will be shown if you reply or post a thread on the forum.

Of course, great content is still the key. So better share content that really solving or helping other users to solve their troubles or problems. Not only that, forum is also a great choice to promote something especially if you are active on it that you already got good amount of followers.

Finding forum in your current niche is sometimes time consuming or perhaps it’s hard to find. To that, you can use this Google searching technique. On Google search box, type this term “[Your Keyword] + forum” and you google search results will give you the list of forums that is related to your niche.

4. Authority Sites.

Building backlinks from authority sites is another great technique to gain authority in your niche as Google sees it. These authority sites are those University/Education and Goverment type of sites having the .edu and .gov domain extensions.

Google put more value on this sites and if you got some backlinks from this sites, you will also share link juices from them and Google bots will treat your site having the authority also. The truth is that, it’s hard to find those authority sites/blogs that are also related to your niche. To do that please follow the Google searching technique below.

Go to google search engine page and on the search box, use this searching syntax “Keyword” inurl:blog site:.edu after that Google will give all the list of authority sites they have on their database. For you to find the .gov sites, just replace the .edu term on the search syntax shown above.

5. Guest Posting.

Guest posting is I think the best of all link building techniques I recommend you to do. It is because you can freely use any keyword terms you want to link back to a specific or relevant webpage of yours blog. Not only that, traffic and leads will also coming your way. That’s why guest posting is not solely for link building purposes only but also for building credibility and authority in your niche market.

Now, be sure that you post great content on it that the readers of the blog that you publish your guest post will love it and become motivated to also visit your site and even subscribe on it.

My Last Words.

If you already done those things above, you should not stop doing it in a natural manner. Of course, keep posting good content in your blog and also put some backlinks towards the webpage you are promoting on search engine. This thing is called deep linking technique.

Anyway, I am happy to share these things to you as I already experience this myself. If for some reasons that I messed something or want to share a thing about it, please share it in the comment section. Thank you.

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